Whistler Pizza

Our Story

While Creekbread is new to Whistler, it has its roots in the Flatbread Company, which began in 1998 in Amesbury, Massachusetts. The story begins with George Schenk and Jay Gould in the hills of Vermont. At a small converted barn in Waitsfield, Vermont, George Schenk was busy baking all natural, mostly organic pizzas that he sold in supermarkets and natural food stores. On weekends, the crew at American Flatbread would open up the “Flatbread Kitchen” to the public so that they could enjoy the fresh flatbreads right out of the wood-fired clay oven. It is at this Flatbread Kitchen where Jay Gould first encountered George and his amazing flatbreads.

Over a three year period, culminating with the opening of the Flatbread Company in Amesbury, Jay, John Meehan and George, along with the help of many others, made the “flatbread experience” a reality.

This is, and continues to be, a labor of love.