Purpose & Values

Our Purpose Guides Our Actions and Decisions

Quality and Integrity of Ingredients, Food and Drink
Clean food without Chemicals and Pesticides

Support Organic Farming (local if possible)
Support the local Community Farm.

Create a restaurant where Children, Adults and Employees may Renew Their Spirit
Create a restaurant that Educates People about the Connection between Food and Nature
Create a restaurant that Reconnects us to Nature
Create a restaurant that is Authentic, Truthful and Real

Create a company where advancement is based on Performance, Not Politics
Give back to the local Community through Benefit Nights with local-non-profits in addition to Financial Rewards
Work should be Rewarding Emotionally
Thank you for Coming. Jay

“The great value of an organization is that people can join together and by their concerted effort accomplish feats that would be impossible for any individual to achieve.”
Quote by Robert Fritz